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Off The Cuff Cuff - Dahlia

Off The Cuff Cuff - Dahlia
Off The Cuff Cuff - Dahlia
$70.00 AUD


CHUFFED* with the CUFF**

*chuffed (chuhft) 

Def. adjective

delighted, pleased, overjoyed

**cuff (kuhf)

Def. noun

a stunning piece of arm candy


This handcrafted cuff is made from black and white cloth bound electrical cord wound with embroidery thread. It also features hand drawn leather and gold plated brass embellishments.

Due to its malleable nature, it is designed to slip over the wrist without use of a fastener.

The cuff is available in two sizes;

Small 20 cm in circumference

Medium 21 cm in circumference

Despite being made of electrical cord, all Sarah Makes These pieces are extremely light weight and very easy to wear. 

Every effort is made to ensure that each piece resembles the one shown in the photograph however, due to the individual handcrafted nature, there can be slight variances.

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